Tuesday, December 15, 2009

*A Christmas-y Post*

Lindsay tagged me today with a "Christmas-y" kind of tag. :) Thank you so much, Lindsay! I've also taken a few pictures lately of some different Christmas decorations around the house, so I figured now might be a good time to share them. I hope you enjoy...

1. Do you like sugar cookies?
Yes... If they are soft and moist. :)
Although, I do prefer desserts with chocolate!
2. Do you like a LOT of lights on your Christmas tree,
or just a few?
Hmmm... well, I love having lights on the tree, but it always seems
to be such a hassle to mess with untangling them and making sure
they still work, etc.... so maybe just a few. :)

3. Do you prefer a real tree, or an artificial tree?

I'm not really sure! Our family has never had a real one before.

We've always used an artificial tree. It sounds like it would be

fun to get a real tree, though. But I've heard a lot of people talk
about how messy they can be! :)


4. What's your favorite Christmas carol?

Oh, my! This is going to be hard. How about I list a few? ;)

O Holy Night
What Child is This
O Come, O Come Emmanuel
Away in a Manger

...Just to name a few!


5. Do you like egg-nog, or boiled custard?
Hmmm... I don't really care for egg-nog, but I've never had

(or even heard of!) boiled custard before. lol So I guess

that would be egg-nog. :)


6. Do you want a lot of snow for Christmas, or just
enough to sled in?

It would be nice to have a "white Christmas" but it doesn't

really matter to me either way. If I got to choose, I'd probably

go with "just enough to sled in". :)



9. If you could spend $1,000,000 what would you buy?

Wow, if God blessed me in such a way I would know it wasn't

primarily for myself! I would use that opportunity to

bless others! :) (And by doing so, I would be just as blessed!)

Okay, so it doesn't look like that answers the question exactly.

Let's just say if I had that much to spend I would definitely be on

my knees in prayer about it because it must be something pretty

important God wants me to use it on! lol


10. What is your favorite name of Jesus?

Obviously, all of them are important but I think "Shepherd"
(Psalm 23:1) & "Great High Priest" (Heb. 4:14) are my two
favorites. They mean a whole lot to me. :)

That was fun! Thanks again for tagging me, Lindsay!! :) I enjoyed this one a lot. Now I will tag three people:
I hope everyone is enjoying their "week-before-Christmas"!


7. What's your favorite part of the Christmas story?

Wow, that's hard to answer! All of it is amazing. Without

everything involved it just wouldn't be perfect and complete!

Each circumstance is highly significant.

My favorite part is where God appears to Joseph in a dream and says,

"She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name

Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins."

I love that verse so much because it includes me in the story!! :)

Christ was sent to do the will of his Father in heaven...

Thank you, Lord, for sending Jesus!


8. What's your favorite Christmas movie?

I love the "Nativity Story"!


^^^ Tee Hee! ^^^



Tessa said...

Thanks for the compliment!

Taylor said...

You're welcome! :)

Hannah said...

Thanks Taylor! I don't mind if you tag and award me at all!

Lindsay said...

Oh, I really enjoyed reading your answers to the tag, Taylor! And all of your pictures are so pretty!! Lovely post, dear friend. :)

~ Love,

Taylor said...

Lindsay: I'm glad you like the pictures! :) As you can see, we have lots of poinsettas! lol (We use them every year.) Have a blessed Wednesday!


Taylor said...

Merry Christmas!

Taylor said...

Awww... thanks Taylor! :) Merry Christmas to you, too!!

Taylor said...

Thanks, Mara! Yeah, I don't like eating cookies when they're hard either. :) Thank you for commenting!

God bless,

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures, you are getting such an eye for great shots! May I put in a request for a puppy Christmas picture??? I miss those slobbery licks and that wagging tail.
Love, Moe

Taylor said...

Haha! Yes, we will give the "puppy" pic a try soon... :) Thank you!!


Kendra Logan said...

Great answers! I like your blog's layout.


Taylor said...

Thank you, Kendra! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the Pictures. O holy night is one of my Favs. I liked the Post so Christmas-y as you said.


Taylor said...

Thanks for commenting, Amanda! :)

God bless,