Thursday, March 25, 2010

A "Pictorial" Explanation...

For not posting in almost a week! :)

Hi, everybody! I can honestly say that the past couple of weeks have been two of the craziest weeks I've experienced in all my 17+ years. :) We finally started the full therapy/diet and our days are now busier than ever. It includes making juices at least every hour (in the morning it's more often) and also preparing meals that take a lot more time and effort than they used to... among many other things. I must say it's been a challenge for us all. It's difficult finding enough time to get much else done throughout the day, therefore we are having to learn to work in shifts. We made a schedule for ourselves to keep up with what has to be done and when (including our chores, schoolwork, etc.) but it needs a little adjusting. The first week I tried waking up at 6am and finishing my schoolwork by 8am which is when we have the first juice and our breakfast... Well, by the time the afternoon rolled around I was just exhausted! So I really need to figure out a new way to get my school accomplished. Hmm...

Anyway, after our first juice of the day (which is our yummy orange juice) comes the awful and dreaded...

Green juice! It includes:
Romaine lettuce, bell pepper, apple, chard, endive,
escarole, & red cabbage.

The next juices are the tolerable...

Carrot and carrot/apple juices!
Which obviously include carrots and apples!

All three of these juices are then used throughout the day.

After each juice we end up with lots of pulp which has
to be thrown in a bucket outside because we recently found that
just throwing it all in the trash can inside makes it WAY too
heavy to carry out. :)

Now, here are a few vegetables we use to cook for our meals quite often...


(It's a family favorite now!)

Fresh Garlic



Celery Root

(I had no idea that was edible. lol!)



And occasionally we even get...

Organic chocolate bars for each of us girls. :)
What a YUMMY treat!

Thank you SO much, Mommy & Daddy!

The last juice we make is at 7pm and that's also when we have dinner.

By the time we get get everything cleaned up, we're ready for some relaxation! :D For me that often includes watching a movie, reading a book, getting on the computer, reading my Bible, and going to sleep. :)

We're starting to get used to this whole thing now, and it's actually been going pretty well. At first I worried because I didn't understand how we'd ever make it through a day, but the Lord has been sustaining us with the energy to get it accomplished. I know that it's definitely worth all the time and effort. We're already seeing some good results with my Dad's health, which is a praise! Please pray that things will only continue to improve and not worsen. It's easy to start worrying, but we are always reminded to trust in the Lord with all our hearts. He is still in control! :)

Thank you so much for your prayers, everyone! I hope you've been having a wonderful week!
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways acknowledge him
and he will make your paths straight."
Proverbs 3:5-6
Picture credit: Google Images


~Rebekah Bjur~ said...

Hey Taylor!
What diet are you guys following? It sounds really interesting :) I've been trying to find a good diet I can follow.. lol! and have not yet found one
Keep up the good work!

God bless!

Allison said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad your Dad's health is improving!
What do you eat for dinner? Juice? :)

Lindsay said...

Wow, Taylor, after reading your last letter (and this post), I can't believe how much juice y'all are having to make in one day! That must take a lot of discipline... and patience too. I have to say, that green juice sounds pretty icky. :/

Have you seen the Gwyneth Paltrow "Emma" before? That's what the celery root reminded me of. If you haven't seen the movie, you should watch it! ;)

Oh, and isn't white chocolate the best? *So* yummy!!

~ Love, Hugs, & Prayers,
Lindsay <3

P.S. - I'm sorry I haven't written you a letter yet! I was writing one the other night, but I was too sleepy, so it turned out really short and boring. lol! :D I'll try to write you one sometime today, and hopefully I can get it sent your way tomorrow! :)

Hannah said...

Yummy!! I REALLY like green and black chocolate! My favorite though is the dark 70 % cocoa content bar. Have you had that kind yet? The darker the chocolate, the better it is for you. I DO like the taste of white chocolate too :) even though I know it is not the healthiest for me, so I don't blame you for liking that the best :)! My other favorite is Dagoba chocolate. It is SO SO yummy! You really should try it (if you have not yet) here is the website:
We get it from a local natural foods store.
By the way, do you have my new blog address? I think when I changed it alot of my follower's and readers got confused!
Let me know if you want it.
~Hannah Marie

P.S. I like celery root in stew, never have had it juiced though!

Amber said...

Wow! I love all those foods! Yum. Well, I hope you are doing well, I love reading your blog, and keep in touch!

Isaiah 40:31 said...

I'm glad your dad's feeling better.

Taylor said...

Rebekah: The diet we're following is called the Gerson Therapy. It's purpose is to supply your body with all the nutrients it needs and then to detoxify it of all the toxins that start building up and need to be released. :) My parents are both following the strict diet, but my sisters and I only need to follow the "maintenance" program because we don't have any bad health issues. The thing with this diet, though, is that it's very drastic and extreme! :D If you're interested in learning more about it you can visit their website here:

I hope you find a diet that will work for you! :)


Alli: No, thankfully we don't eat juice for dinner! :D (I guess I might have made that confusing in my post... Oops!) For lunch and dinner we have to have some kind vege (i.e., broccoli, cauliflower, etc.), some kind of potato, and a salad. So we don't actually juice any of those vegetables that I pictured... That's what we eat for meals! ;D


Lindsay: Yes! I LOVE white chocolate!! :D

I haven't watched that version of "Emma" before. That's funny, that the celery root reminded you of it, though... Now I'll have to see it!

(And I completely understand about the letter. ;D I'll be looking forward to getting it in the mail!! :)


Hannah: Haha! That makes sense that I love the white chocolate best since it's worse for you. :D
I haven't ever tried the 70% cocoa content bar... That's the first time I think I've ever heard of it!

Yes, I would love to have your new blog address!! :) ...Oh, and we don't actually juice the celery root (or any of those veges that I mentioned below the juices in my post)--that's what we cook to eat! ;)

Oh, and no, I don't think Stephanie changed her blog url link. I just tried it and it worked for me. Hmm... I hope you're able to get that figured out! :)


Amber: Thank you so much! Yes, we are doing pretty well right now. :) I hope you're doing well too!!


Isaiah 40:31: Thank you! :)


Thank you all for your comments! I hope you have a lovely day. :)


Susan said...

Taylor, I sure understand about how much time this all takes. It is a lot of work! Praise God I'm sure feeling better! When Tom offers to clean the juicer, I sure let him. I like the green juice, but I'm getting tired of potatoes. I made approved bread if you all want to try a loaf. We keep praying for perseverance and strength for your family. We are so thankful that your dad is feeling better. Susan

Shannon said...

I don't think I could ever completely follow a diet.../:)...I don't have the will power...
But, I hope you and your family are doing well!
My mom juices sometimes, so I definitely know what you mean about the overabundance of pulp. My mom actually found a way of using it to create veggie burgers...they were pretty good! Otherwise, we just put it in the compost pile or give it to our chickens. :)
Have a great evening!
Love and blessings,

Shannon said...

Oh, one more thing (don't you hate it when you forget to say something?;)
I'll be praying for you all! :)

Eden said...

Wow, Taylor! That sounds like one busy schedule. I'm praying that your family will find the best way to get the juicing done as well as everything else. I'm glad to hear that your Dad's health is improving and I'll continue to pray that he continues to get better. Hope you have a good weekend!

~Abigail~ said...

That sounds like a really interesting
Carrot juice is one of my favorites!
I hope your Dad continues to improve.
God Bless

Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Hi Taylor,
That is a lot of juicing! It must have been hard to get use to. But it seems well worth the effort. I am so glad that your dad is improving! Do you throw away the pulp in the garbage? Or do you compost it? Because if you are not already composting it, that would be a good Idea to do so. I am sure the chickens would like it too! It is so nice that your family is doing this altogether. I am sure that it will always be a thing to remember!
Celery Root is an interesting thing. Last summer was the first time I heard about eating this veggie. It is really good in soups and stews. I have used it a couple times. And I really want to try growing some.
Carrot-apple seems yummy!
I like that kind of chocolate!!

My God's wisdom be with your family as you seek to know His will and way in you lives. :)
Love & Prayers,

Taylor said...

Susan: Thank you. :) Yes, praise God that you're feeling better as well!


Shannon: I know what you mean... It's hard having the will power to stick with a diet! I'm just glad this is something we're doing as a family, because that makes a big difference. :) Thank you very much for praying for us!!


Eden: We certainly do have a busy schedule now! Thank you so much for your prayers. :)


Abigail: You got that right... This diet is definitely very interesting! lol ;D Thank you!


Grace: Yes, it was definitely a challenge getting used to this new diet. :) (And still is really!) Thankfully, though, we're beginning to like it.

Well, we used to throw away all of the pulp but now I think my Dad is planning to use it as compost! We've been piling it all in a huge bucket outside so that it's there when he needs it. :)

And yes, celery root is VERY interesting! :D When I first saw it I couldn't stand to chop it up because it grossed me out! lol I'm getting used to it now, though. The taste is actually really good. We've even used it in mashed potatoes, which was yummy. :)


Thank you all for your sweet comments. :) God bless!!