Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Sweet Sixteen ~ to My Little Sis . . .

Happy 16th birthday,
Sister #1

Sixteen Wonderful Things About You:

#1 Your smile
#2 Your funny sense of humor :D
#3 Your thoughtfulness
#4 Your creativeness
#5 Your ability to take care of and play
with children and babies so well
#6 Your resourcefulness when it comes to
working outdoors-where I'm not so resourceful!
#7 Your Christlike spirit
#8 Your love for reading
#9 Your ability to accomplish whatever you
set your mind to do
#10 Your confidence
#11 Your baking... it's always yum-o!
#12 Your pretty blonde hair and blue eyes
#13 Your amazing talent to mow large areas of
grass in no time at all. ;D
#14 Your beautiful singing voice
#15 Your hugs
#16 And last but not least...
the fact that you are always there for me when I need you.
We are definitely total opposites, and I know we
don't always get along, but whenever it comes to
doing something important it's been a tremendous blessing
to have you right there with me.  There are so many examples I
can think of when you and I had to work together to take care
of something.  And--by God's grace--we've always been able to get it done.  We really have been through so much together, and it's at times like this when I realize just how thankful I am to have YOU as my sister.  You are so special to me.  Thanks for everything.  I hope you have a wonderful, blessed birthday!!!
I love you SO much!


Amber Noella said...

Such sisterly sweetness! Happy Birthday to her!

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday, Sister #1!!!! :D What a sweet post, Taylor. This is just like something I would write about Haley! ;)

{Love & Hugs to y'all!}
~ Lindsay <3

~Abigail~ said...

That is really sweet!


Haley said...

What a neat post for your sister! Tell her happy birthday (again ;) for me!

Lots of love,

Leah Marie said...

happy birthday to your sister! :]
i know the feeling of not always getting along with my sister- but we usually work out things really quickly, or just forget about them! :]

Eden said...

Oh, what a sweet blog post for your sister! Happy birthday to her! Blessings!

Taylor said...

Awwww! Tell her happy birthday from me! *sniffle* *wink* =D Love ya! =D

Anonymous said...

Yay! Sixteen!! Oh my where has the time gone!?! Tell her I said Happy Birthday. I love your post. Sweet, sweet sisterly love!!!

~Abigail~ said...

Hi again Taylor!

I wanted to let you know I tagged you at my blog!

Sister#1 said...

I didn't even see this post last time I visited your blog.

Oh goodness, now you've got me all teary eyed. :') I love you too!! I'm so blessed that God gave me such a wonderful, Godly, big sister like you!! :)