Thursday, August 19, 2010

These Days ...

  • I'm spending lots of time with my Daddy. 
I didn't realize just how much of each day I spend sitting around with my Dad, until he and my mom left for appointments all day Tuesday.  It was then that I realized after finishing my daily "tasks" that I had nothing to do.  I was so bored and couldn't figure out why it seemed like the day was dragging on.  Typically, it's the other way around and I feel like I'm trying to sqeeze in all my responsibilities and ideas for the day before its over.  So thanks for always keeping me occupied, Daddy! --Or maybe it's the other way around. ;)

  • When I'm not with Dad, I'm spending time with Mom. :D
I've always enjoyed talking to my mom about everything.  We spend a lot of time together discussing our struggles, things that need to get done and how to do them, things that God has been showing us lately, or even what we're going to make for dinner that night, etc.  We really do talk about everything!  I'm so thankful for the closeness of our relationship.  It's so nice to really have a best friend you can tell everything to.  And that's exactly what she is to me! 

  • I'm getting ready to start my homeschool Senior year.
                                                         ...And I can't wait to say this ↓  :D
I've been planning out my schedule and workload for the next school year, and I'm getting really excited about the prospect of graduating from "highschool".  I plan to start this year's curriculum the first week in September... That's only two weeks away! 

  • I'm Driving

^ And here's the proof. :D
I've been doing quite a bit of driving around the area lately.  Whenever we need to make a grocery run or go on a few errands, I take the opportunity to add some hours to my time "behind the wheel".  I still only have my permit so one of my parents has to be sitting in the passenger seat, but I'm working on finally getting my license.  It's just a matter of time...... :)

  • I'm about to complete my plan for reading through the Bible in a year...
For the second time!  I first took the challenge of reading my entire Bible through the course of a year in January of 2008.  I learned a lot through that year and was able to stick with the reading plan and finish in January of 2009.  ...A huge accomplishment for me!  For the next few months I enjoyed reading at my own pace.  Not until September did I feel the need to start following the plan again for three reasons: 

  1. Honestly, there were days when I failed to read my Bible at all because it simply didn't cross my mind.  With following the reading plan I was motivated to dig into Scripture every single day.  

  2. I remembered reading about a man who was in his 10th year of reading through the entire Bible.  Once he would finish, he would start all over again!  I decided there really wasn't a reason why I shouldn't continue reading through the whole Bible either.  Doing so would only be beneficial! :)

  3. Like I said in the beginning, I felt led to do it!
I'm excited about finishing, but of course that won't really be the end. ;)  I have so much more to gain in knowledge and depth of insight... I will continue reading until the day I die!  Or until Jesus comes back to get me.  Either one. :)

So there you have it!  That's an overall look at what I've been up to lately.  :)  I hope you enjoyed reading.  Have a blessed day everyone!


Eden said...

Our parents are so special, aren't they? I love talking with my Mom about everything too. She's like an older sister to me. ;-)

Thanks for updating us on what you've been up to. :-) I always enjoy reading your posts!


Amber Noella said...

I have VERY much enjoyed reading! I think it's so exciting to be able to be in a season where things are coming to an end--yet all it really is, is the beginning of something greater! Your last year of highschool, finishing up the Bible, finishing up your permit years, etc. They all lead to something ultimately greater! And it excites me & motivates me to really think about those things in my own life. I don't really feel like I'm coming to an "end" in anything. Maybe just the High School thing.
I think I may try reading through the Bible too. Except, it takes longer for me to learn, & be disciplined etc so it might take me longer (which I think is fine considering everyone learns at a different pace.)
Congrats on your senior year, girl!

Lindsay said...

Yes, I LOVED reading your update, Taylor! I know what you mean about beginning 12th grade -- definitely exciting! I'll probably be starting the first week of September too. Haley started last week. I just couldn't get motivated to do that... to me, August is still summertime. ;D That's great how you're reading through the Bible again. I really need to do that as well. It seems like having a plan makes me a lot more disciplined! ;)

Anyway, thanks so much for the update, dear friend! :)

~ Lots & Lots of Love & Hugs,
Lindsay <3

Unworthy said...

Hello Taylor
wow, I enjoyed reading this post! This year is my last year in high school and I'm very excited!I'm so grateful to the Lord for giving us good parents!

Amen to this:"I will continue reading until the day I die! Or until Jesus comes back to get me. Either one."
Now that you can drive, does your dad let you drive Fergie?

God bless

Taylor said...

Hi Joelle,
It's good to hear from you! :) I never have driven Fergie.... but maybe Dad can teach me soon! ;D My younger sister drives the tractor (she's an "outdoors" kinda girl) but I never have thought about it before. I'll have to get Dad to show me how sometime.

Thanks for your sweet comment! I always love hearing from you. :)

God bless,
~ Taylor

Anonymous said...

Boo said today that someone asked her why she would take for granted the very book God wrote for her by not reading it every single day. I don't think he was attacking her, just challenging her. I love this thought, it hits home so well. We really are blessed tremendously to actually have every single word in our hands whenever we choose to.