Monday, July 20, 2009

Float Hunting...

Yesterday afternoon we had quite a storm! I guess being out in the middle of nothing with no trees around the house we tend to experience a LOT of wind every time. This time was no different.

We soon realized all of our pool floats had been thrown in every direction, so Dad told the other three girls, "It's time to get on your float hunting gear!"

The official "Float Hunters".
Ready for a challenge!

And they're off!

This is just one of the many rescued floats. Good job girls!

You can see it was pretty wet and rainy outside!

Job 5:10He bestows rain on the earth; he sends water upon the countryside.


Angel said...

Great story! Great photos!

Taylor said...

Thank you! :)

~Sister #1 said...

Yes, we did look quite interesting in our "float hunting suites". LOL =D!

Sister #1 <3

Lindsay said...

Great job, Float Hunters! I really enjoyed this post, Taylor. :)

~ Love,

Taylor said...

~ I'm glad everyone enjoyed reading this post! :) Thank you for your comments! ~