Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quick News

This last week has been very busy! Our family went on a short vacation last Thursday through Saturday and during that trip I got to meet my penpal! We've been writing each other for almost four years now (we have over 100 letters!) It was wonderful to finally meet her and her family. We all really enjoyed visiting with them and we're hoping to see each other again sometime soon!! We had a really great trip!
Anyway, since we got back home we've had non-stop "busyness"! So since I haven't really had a chance to post anything new, I thought I'd give this quick little update. I know it's not really much! Oh well. Have a blessed week everyone!

Me, Sis #1, Sis #2, & Sis #3

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Sister #1 said...

I love this picture of us!
My shirt blew up like a balloon. LOL! =D

~Sister #1