Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cattle on a Thousand Hills

Okay, so we don't exactly have a thousand hills ... well, not even one ... but we do have some cattle!
Here is our sweet little Molly:

She's definitely a whole lot bigger than when we first got her!

And sometime last week week we got two bull calves to raise for organic beef. Unfortunately, they're SO cute and we just couldn't help but take lots of pictures! :) We weren't supposed to give them names but we just couldn't help ourselves...

Here is Meatloaf!

And precious little Hamburger!
(Sister #1 came up with their names.)

Aren't they some of the cutest things you've ever seen?!

We LOVED taking Meatoaf's picture! He seemed to be very photogenic...

Unlike Hamburger, lol!

Also, Meatloaf would let us pet and rub all over him while Hamburger was a little more timid and shy!

So cute and soft!

We decided we should bottle feed them because they had the scours pretty bad and they needed a lot of nutrients. Mom looked up a recipe online to help them with that. Here is Sister #1 trying to get Hamburger to take a bottle.

And this is me feeding Meatloaf!

Now it's Sister #3's turn!

And now, Sister #2!

"...For every animal of the forest is mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills." Psalm 50:10
I hope you liked the pictures. Have a blessed weekend, everyone!


Lindsay said...

I really enjoyed the pictures, Taylor!! Molly, Meatloaf, and Hamburger are all SO cute. The names of your new calves are hilarous! lol! :D I hope you're all having a blessed weekend!

~ Love,

The White Way of Delight said...

Hey Taylor! No I never did live in AZ.. Sorry! :) I never had a penpal named Taylor either, but if you want, we could start! :-)

Thanks for the great comment- Made my day.


Anonymous said...

What yummy looking cows and such beautiful sisters!!!
Love, Mo