Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I've Been a Busy Bee!

Yes, it's true. :)

I've been doing a bit of changing up to my blog! I was getting a little bored with the old look, but I just couldn't bring myself to replace it with anything. So... I decided I would just add a few things to make it warm and "Springy"! I think I like the way it turned out... What do you think? :)

Oh, and just so you know, I actually drew that bee picture myself! Lol! I was looking for one I could use online but I never found anything I liked. So... I drew my own, snapped a quick picture of it, loaded it on the computer, made a few "touch-ups", and viola! -- my very own bee! (And that is the extent of my artistic abilities when it comes to drawing. *whispers* I usually stick with"stick figures" only. ;D Lol! )


Well, I hope you all have been enjoying your week so far. I'm sorry I haven't been posting very often lately. I've been a busy bee at home too! ;) Thankfully, my dad is doing well and we're still managing to keep up with our busy juicing schedule. Maybe I'll be able to sqeeze in some time to post more often! :)

But for now...

I pray you have a very blessed week!


Lindsay said...

Hey Taylor,
I was actually just on your blog earlier today, and I noticed the cute little changes you've made. I would have commented, but I didn't have time (had to go run some errands with Mom, Haley, and Josh). Anywayy........ I love the bee! And your new profile picture is so pretty!! Great job. =)

Love you!
~ Lindsay

Taylor said...

Hey Lindsay,
Thank you!! Yeah, it took me awhile to get everything finished before I actually posted. =) I'm usually pretty slow when it comes to stuff like that! lol I'm glad you like it, though!

Love you too!!
~ Taylor <3

Amber said...

I like the added features! Hope your doing well!

Taylor said...

Thanks, Amber! :) I hope you're doing well too!!

~ Taylor

Haley said...

The bees are so cute, Taylor! Don't feel bad, I'm not a very good artist either. ;)

Taylor said...

Aww... thanks Haley!! ;D

Allison said...

Awww.... so cute, Taylor!!! I love the bees. Great job drawing them:) I get bored of my blog backgrounds quick, I'm always wanting something new!
Anyway, I'm glad your Dad is doing well! I've been praying for him:)
Love~ Alli

Eden said...

I love the little bee you made, Taylor! It does add a spring touch to your blog. Glad to hear that your Dad is doing better! Good health is a blessing. Hope you are having a good week!

Taylor said...

Alli & Eden: Thank you!! :)
I'm glad you both like it. ;D


Eden said...

Hello Taylor! Just wanted to let you know you've been tagged on my blog. Would love to see your answers to this fun tag! Have a blessed day!

Morgan said...

I love all those bees, too cute!


~Sister #1 said...

I love the new, Spring look, Tay! The bee is adorable, and it makes me giggle everytime I look at it. *giggle* See? :)

Love you!
Love, sister #1

Taylor said...

Eden: Ooo... fun!! Thank you for tagging me. :) I'll be sure to come check it out!


Morgan: Thank you! I'm glad you like them too. :)


Sis #1: Haha. Yes, they make me giggle too! ;D Thanks for the comment... Love you too!


Lots of Love,
~ Taylor <3