Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some Fun with Family...

Hi everyone! I hope you all have been enjoying your week. I know I have. :)

Last Friday my mom's brother and some of his family came down to visit and we had a really great time while they were here! This morning we all got up bright and early (6:30am) and said our "good-byes" and "I-love-you's" and then watched as they drove away. :( It's always sad when it's time to say goodbye, but we were so glad that we got to visit with them! (The last time we saw them was in 2007.) The only regret, though, is that two of my cousins weren't able to be here this time because they are both working and one of them is a sophomore in college now... My, how time flies!

Anyway, I thought I might share a few pictures that I took while they were visiting... :)

Here's an interesting shot I got of my Mom while she
was preparing dinner for all the family last night. :)
(I was really doing a test shot with my camera sitting on
its stand on the table, because we wanted to get a group picture
with everyone later on. It ended up turning out really great! ;)

Now here's Sis #1 and our cousin again.
(Yes... they're using a broken desk chair as their "table"! lol)

The three of us stayed up until about 2:00 each night
playing card games and watching movies. We had
a whole lot of fun together!

Here's my uncle fishing in our pond. :)

(Yes, they're playing ping-pong on our dining room table! :D)

And here they are jumping into our swimming pool
with Sisters #2 and #3...

Can you believe that they actually went swimming in April?!
The water was FREEZING cold and the pool wasn't as
clean as it should've been, but that sure didn't stop them!
They had a blast anyway. :)

(I love how the trees are all turning green again! It looks
so much nicer that way. :)

And here is Ty. :)

He was SO happy to have a boy that would play with
him while they were here. He just loves running around
outside and none of us will ever do it with him!


Well... I hope you enjoyed the pictures! I wanted to give y'all a quick "sneak-peak" from our lovely week and weekend. :) We really did have a wonderful time with our family and I'm so glad they came. We have LOTS of fun memories of when all of us cousins were younger, and now that we're all getting older I'm cherishing the times we have together more and more. Hopefully it won't be too long before we see each other again, though! ;)

Have a blessed rest-of-the-week, everyone!

This is Sis #1 and our cousin playing "War"!


Haley said...

I really liked looking at the pictures! It looks like y'all had SO much fun! :) Thanks for changing my blog button! :)

Love and hugs,

Poppy said...

How fun!!

God bless,

Poppy :)

Buttercup said...

oh, how fun! I love playing with cousins, mostly the ones my age. Which, when I think about it is only two crazy boys. LOL. oh well. haha. I love them all!

Love the pictures too! Thanks for sharing!


Amber said...

Making memories are great! I'm so glad you are doing that!

Lindsay said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun, Taylor! And it sounds like Ty enjoyed their visit too. ;)

~ Love you!
Lindsay <3

Morgan said...

Looks like you had a good time!! I love the picture of your dog!

Eden said...

That looks like fun, Taylor! Wow, swimming in April. Yikes!!

Ty looks happy too. Glad to see you had a happy time. Blessings!

Taylor said...

Thank you all for your comments! We definitely did have LOTS of fun while they were here. :D

Taylor <3

Sister #1 said...

Oh, that was so much fun! The water felt great, and playing WAR was fun, too!

Love you, sis!
Love, sister #1