Monday, March 2, 2009

And We for the Sake of Christ All Things Bear

This is an amazing testimony that really touched my heart when I read it. It just really brings to light how desperately our prayers are needed for our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering. I hope it blesses and encourages you as much as it did me.

In August 2008, Fatima Al-Mutairi, the 26-year-old daughter of a Muslim cleric, was brutally killed by her brother in Buraydah, Saudi Arabia, after she proclaimed her faith to her family. The Voice of the Martyrs contacts report Fatima’s fellowship with other believers was mainly limited to Internet forums and phone correspondence. "As part of her testimony to the family, she proclaimed that the way of Christ is the most pure and most holy way of all. After sharing with her family, she found her brother in her room with her laptop open before him," VOM contacts said. "Her laptop contained notes about her spiritual journey, which he was searching in order to find more evidence against her. Her brother locked her in the room for four hours, during which time she wrote a final letter on the Internet. Fatima was killed soon thereafter," VOM contacts added.Prior to her martyrdom Fatima wrote a poem that shows her love for Christ and her desire to share His love with her family. Here it is:

And We For the Sake of Christ All Things Bear--A poem written by Fatima Al-Mutairi before her martyrdom
May the Lord Jesus guide you, Oh MuslimsAnd enlighten your hearts that you might love othersThe forum does not revile the Master of the prophets It is for the display of truth, and for you it was revealedThis is the truth which you do not knowWhat we profess are the words of the Master of the prophetsWe do not worship the cross, and we are not possessedWe worship the Lord Jesus, the Light of the worldsWe left Mohammed, and we do not follow in his pathWe followed Jesus Christ, the Clear Truth Truly, we love our homeland, and we are not traitorsWe take pride that we are Saudi citizensHow could we betray our homeland, our dear people?How could we, when for death - for Saudi Arabia - we stand ready?The homeland of my grandfathers, their glories, and odes - for it I am writingAnd we say, "We are proud, proud, proud to be Saudis"We chose our way, the way of the rightly guidedAnd every man is free to choose any religionBe content to leave us to ourselves to be believers in JesusLet us live in grace before our time comesThere are tears on my cheek, and Oh! the heart is sadTo those who become Christians, how you are so cruel!And the Messiah says, "Blessed are the Persecuted"And we for the sake of Christ all things bearWhat is it to you that we are infidels?You do not enter our graves, as if with us buriedEnough - your swords do not concern me, not evil nor disgraceYour threats do not trouble me, and we are not afraid And by God, I am unto death a Christian - VerilyI cry for what passed by, of a sad lifeI was far from the Lord Jesus for many yearsOh History record! and bear witness, Oh Witnesses!We are Christians - in the path of Christ we treadTake from me this word, and note it wellYou see, Jesus is my Lord, and He is the Best of protectorsI advise you to pity yourself, to clap your hands in mourningSee your look of ugly hatredMan is brother to man, Oh learned onesWhere is the humanity, the love, and where are you?As to my last words, I pray to the Lord of the worlds Jesus the Messiah, the Light of Clear GuidanceThat He change notions, and set the scales of justice arightAnd that He spread Love among you, Oh Muslims

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