Thursday, March 19, 2009

Modest Swimwear Solutions!

I know it's getting to be that time of year again. . . swimming in 100 degree weather, getting sweaty outdoors, and a bunch of other fun stuff you get to do during the summer! Well, we just got a nice above-ground pool towards the end of last summer and our family really enjoys swimming. It's something we can do together and it's something we love. And, honestly, living in Texas makes it pretty enticing when you have a nice cold, blue pool of water sitting right outside your dining room windows! We've just struggled with one problem: finding modest and appropriate swimwear! And, I'm sure you might have come across that same issue. It can be disappointing because it makes it pretty difficult to enjoy the sport of swimming. So, my Mom and I were searching online earlier for a place to either purchase or sew your own modest swimsuits, and we found a wonderful website! I was so excited about it that I just had to share!! :) This site has feminine and covering swimwear with patterns you'll just love! You can either purchase the material and patterns for yourself, or you can buy them ready-made and even custom-made. Just log on to: Anyway, we're really looking into that now, with summer just right around the corner! I hope you are blessed by this as much as I was!

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Taylor said...

Ms. Susan,
I'm glad you enjoyed my blog! No, we have not ordered any swimsuit patterns yet. We would love for you to help with the sewing, though! We were actually already wondering if you might be able to do that! ...Mom thinks the job would be too important (and expensive!) for one of us to mess up. LOL! :) So, thank you very much for offering. We'll be sure to let you know! See you tomorrow!

In Christ,