Friday, May 15, 2009

~Simply Modest~

A few months ago my Mom and I found a nice website with modest, feminine swimsuits that you could either buy custom-made or purchase the pattern for yourself. So, a lady from church bought the pattern and offered to make each of us our very own bathing suits. We were so excited!

Last Monday we were able to go to town and visit Hancock's (a fabric store) to choose our own material. We thought we would only have a few limited choices when we got there, but we were pleased to find that we were wrong! Each of us got to choose our own different material, and they are all so pretty.

My sisters' swimsuits are now finished, so I will show you a few pictures:

Sis #1

(The leggings are hard to see in this picture, but they're there!)

Sis #2

Sis #3
(That tie around the waist isn't actually supposed to be there. That's just some of the left-over material, and sis #3 wrapped it around herself!)

Anyway, I thought y'all would enjoy seeing the suits now that they are finished. . . .Mine is coming soon! :)
If you would like to visit the Simply Modest website, click HERE.


Lindsay said...

Those are so cute, Taylor! I just love the material y'all chose! :) It's so nice to have modest swimwear, isn't it?

I hope you're having a good weekend!

~ Lindsay

Taylor said...

Yes, Lindsay, it's definitely really nice!! :)

Have a blessed Sunday!