Monday, April 20, 2009

Another "Sister Day" :)

This afternoon Mom and sis #1 left to get church work accomplished and run to the bank, post office, etc. While they were gone sisters #2 and #3 and I had a tea party and ate leftover chicken salad from Family Ministry last night! (If you don't already know, we really like to drink hot tea!) I also thought it would be nice to read them a chapter from the book "Beautiful Girlhood". We've owned the book for a few months now, but still I had not read it yet. We only read the first chapter today.

Afterwards, they were asking if we could make some kind of dough for them to play with. They had apparently done it before with sis #1, so they just told me what to do. (I honestly wasn't sure how it would work out, but I figured it wouldn't hurt anything to try!) These were all the ingredients they had me use:

Okay, so the cook book and pretty towel were only for show! :)

The whole process of mixing the unmeasured ingredients together took no time at all. They were begging me to add sugar to it, but I kept reminding them that our purpose in making this dough was NOT to eat it but to play with it. Still they persisted in their asking, as if each time they told me it was a brand new idea they'd just thought up. It was quite comical really. Here's a picture of our decent-looking dough: (I must say I was rather impressed!)

Okay, I'm not really sure why it rotated the picture after downloading it onto Blogger. It was turned the right way when I selected it. Oh, well. I guess you get the "picture"!

Anyway... for some reason I ended up leaving the kitchen for a few seconds and came back to find sis #3 sitting over the bowl with dark green ALL over her hands, and this:

Yes, I was shocked. Also a little upset to find that she decided to use most of the food coloring we had stored in our pantry to decorate our play-dough. Let me tell you, it's never ending in our house! :) So, the whole mixing of the food coloring didn't really work out quite right, considering the substance we had created was very thick and wouldn't stir at all. Oh, well. They did get to play with it and they enjoyed every bit of it, which was good. What's funny is if you know sis #2, then you know she always has some logical or reasonable solution. So here it is:

Sis #2: (Sitting at the island with the dough) "Look Tay! I just made a really awesome thing."
Taylor: (Sitting over at the table) "I'm sure you did. What is it?"
Sis #2: "Well, if you want to know, you're gonna have to come over here."
Taylor: "Okay... Hold on." (Finally walks over)
Sis #2: "See. Can you guess what it is?"
Taylor: "Of course. It's Texas." (Acting not too impressed. (Keep in mind, they've shown me a hundred things by now.))
Sis #2: "Yep. And the yellow and green colors make it look like the weather forcast on T.V.!"
OKAY, so I was actually rather impressed after that! You can always count on sis #2 to come up with something like that.
Anyway, I just thought I'd share what was taking place in our kitchen this afternoon. I'm glad I made the decision to take pictures as it all unfolded. It was definitely worth doing because of the story we had to go along with it! There's certainly never a dull moment. For those who know me, I'm sure it was funny to picture me (the serious, boring sister) in the kitchen with those two!
~We had a good time, and I'm glad we did it! God bless and have a beautiful day!


Lindsay said...

Wow, it sounds like y'all had a good time yesterday! Thanks for posting all of those pictures. :)

~ Lindsay

Anonymous said...

That sounds all so wonderful...
ok, well, I feel bad that Sis #2 had to "take the blame" for making dough with sis #3 and #4.

I distinctly remember a time when I made play dough (complete with food coloring) along with these two particular sisters! Ooops!

Well, at least they remembered how fun it was!

Keep up the wonderful stories and all the love and memory making.

Ms. Pat

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Mrs. Pat, you taught us (sister #1, #2 and #3) how to do that and I did it with them again a few weeks later. I guess they liked it a lot! Hehe =D

~Sister #1