Saturday, April 11, 2009

Choosing to Remember in a World That Forgets

Last night we had a Good Friday service with our church. It was very nice. Our pastor preached about how man's helplessness, God's sovereign grace, and the cross were all predestined before the creation of the world. It was a really good sermon, but there was one thing that impacted me more than anything else: Remembrance.

Our most important ordinance that Christ gave before His crucifixion was The Lord's Supper, which has been continued since then. Why? Because Christ commands us to do it in remembrance of Him. I don't know why this affected me the way it did. It's something I've known all my life and have been raised in. It's just that the spiritual condition of the world today is continually declining. By partaking in The Lord's Supper we are choosing to remember something the world encourages us to forget. Last night my Dad, sister #2, me, and another couple from church went to Wal-Mart for the purpose of witnessing to people about Christ. I was very shocked by how many people did not know the true reason for celebrating the holiday widely known as Easter. It just goes to prove that Christ is not being remembered the way He should be, as our Savior.

So, I encourage you to do something today that goes against the nature of this world. Remember. Remember the holy birth of Jesus. Remember the perfect, sinless life He lived. Remember the truths that He spoke. Remember the prayers He prayed. Remember the lives He changed. Remember the miracles He performed. Remember the love that He showed. Remember the parables He taught. Remember the bread He broke. Remember the wine he drank. Remember the road He took to Calvary. Remember the cross on which He was hanged. Remember the wrath that He bore. Remember the life that He gave. Remember the grace He so freely gives. Remember the helpless state of man, how lost we would be without the redemptive work of Christ. Remember His glorious resurrection and the empty tomb! And remember, He's coming back!


Lindsay said...

What a great post, Taylor! You're right - we need to remember our Savior every day. We need to remind ourselves what He went through for us. It's also important to share the good news of salvation with others, especially during Easter weekend, when people don't even know what the real meaning of this special holiday really is. Thanks for the reminder, Taylor!


Taylor said...

Hi Lindsay!
Thanks for the encouraging comment! I'm really glad you enjoyed reading this post. I hope you and your family had a blessed Resurrection Sunday! I'll talk to you later.