Saturday, April 4, 2009


Today our parents are gone visiting a Messianic Jewish synagogue with another couple from our church. It's a really long story worth telling, but just not right now! :) Needless to say, us four girls are home today by ourselves. Many times when we are left to ourselves on a day like this we enjoy playing with each other's hair, makeup, and having a tea party! So, today was just like any other. We woke up and had cinnamon rolls for breakfast... a nice rare treat! Then we got busy! The funny thing is that each of my sisters have naturally straight hair, while mine is naturally curly. So... what did we do? We curled their hair and straightened mine! LOL! Below is a picture we managed to take with a self-timer! (It was fun playing with that!)
From left to right: Sis #1, Sis #2, Me, and Sis #3. Yes, I really am the oldest. It's just that I stopped growing when I turned 12! Ha!Ha! (We're all looking forward to seeing if Sis #3 passes me up as well). :)
Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying their day! God bless you all.

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Anonymous said...

Funny... I could actually tell which of you was which... Sis #1 hair is getting darker... but still lovely as ever. You all have lovely hair!

And oh btw- great work with the camera timer!

c/ya ! Ms. Pat